Dr Brad Jorgensen

Dr Brad Jorgensen Mail
Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities, Faculty of Business, Economics & Law, La Trobe University, Australia

La Trobe University

Dr Brad Jorgensen is an Applied Social Psychologist and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Sustainable Regional Communities. He holds a BSc (Psychology) with first-class honours and a PhD from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. Dr Jorgensen’s research interests are in economic and environmental psychology. He has conducted research in a number of areas involving human-environment interactions. These projects have included community-based approaches to stormwater pollution abatement, public perceptions of the mining industry, land-use planning in semi-arid rangelands, the spatial distribution of recreational boating, the management of coarse woody habitat in recreational lakes, identifying externalities in urban water systems, setting levels of service in the water industry, the public’s trust and acceptance of urban drinking water systems, ‘sense of place’ theory and measurement, household recycling and solid waste management, and procedural fairness in the non-market valuation of ecosystem services and public goods.