A/Prof Berman Kayis

A/Prof Berman Kayis Mail
School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, UNSW, Australia

The University of New South Wales

Berman is an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Her research interests include:

Production and Operations Management

Project management, development, manufacturing, and distribution of products and the provision of services in the modern global economy. Scheduling, inventory control, contracting, product development, operations strategy, and "green" or environmentally friendly sustainable systems.

Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis

Analysis, mathematical modeling, and management of the safety of engineering systems using systems approach. The strategies of industries with multiple objectives in complex systems. Technical, organizational, and strategic solutions based on a spectrum of risk identification, analysis and mitigation options.

Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design

Decision making for system design, frameworks and models for structuring the key issues and trade-offs. New opportunities, issues and concepts as well as various models, methods and software tools for logistics network design, capacity planning and flexibility, make-buy, and integration with product development.

Quality Engineering in Product Design and Development

Competition such as cost, quality, manufacturing flexibility and innovativeness as well as emerging topics such as outsourcing and globalization. Tools and methods for concurrent product design and development, design-for-manufacture, kansei engineering. Product planning, identifying customer needs, facilities, vertical integration, human resources and other strategic areas.