Prof Ghazi Naymat

Prof Ghazi Naymat Mail
Department of Computer Science, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan, Jordan

Al-Naymat obtained both MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Information Technology / Data Mining from The University of Sydney, Australia. He has both professional and research interest in the area of data mining and knowledge discovery. He is generally interested in how to discover useful and interesting information and patterns from any type of data (ex. sequential/ time series, financial data). Al-Naymat was a postdoctoral researcher in the school of computer science and engineering at The University of New South Wales, Australia. After that, he joined University of Blase Pascal in France to work at Cemagref research center as a research associate in the area of Machine Learning. He has published a number of papers in excellent international journals and conferences. Currently, he is working as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan.