Prof Tong-Ming Lim

Prof Tong-Ming Lim Mail
Head, Centre for Innovation and Industry Linkage, Department of Computing and Information Systems, School of Science and Technology, Sunway University., Malaysia

Prof Lim obtained his BSc in Computer Science with a minor in business administration and Master of Computer Science from Mississippi State University, USA. He started as a lecturer in TAR College and subsequently joined the industry for about 10 years, specializing in financial and accounting system and point-of-sales systems in his early part of commercial career. In the second part of his industry experience, he involved in MRP and ERP software design, development and pre-sales activities. Prof Lim got his PhD in the area of object-oriented persistence technology from University of Malaya while he was with Monash University Malaysia. He spent about 18 years in his academics life supervising master and PhD students besides managing grants, collaborate with industry and teach data mining, data structures and algorithms subjects in his more recent institution, Sunway University. His recent research interest focus on peer-to-peer computing, analytics and technology acceptance and knowledge sharing related studies. He is currently the Head for Centre for Innovation and Industry Linkage in Provost Office. He can be contacted at or