Blind Image Watermarking Based on Chaotic Maps

Antonius Cahya Prihandoko, Hossein Ghodosi, Bruce Litow


Security of a watermark refers to its resistance to unauthorized detecting and decoding, while watermark robustness refers to the watermark's resistance against common processing. Many watermarking schemes emphasize robustness more than security. However, a robust watermark is not enough to accomplish protection because the range of hostile attacks is not limited to common processing and distortions. In this paper, we give consideration to watermark security. To achieve this, we employ chaotic maps due to their extreme sensitivity to the initial values. If one fails to provide these values, the watermark will be wrongly extracted. While the chaotic maps provide perfect watermarking security, the proposed scheme is also intended to achieve robustness.


Blind Image Watermarking; Chaotic Map; Frequency Domain; Robustness; Security


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