A RSS-Inconsistency Detection Method for Sequence-Based Localization Algorithms

Jen-Feng Huang, Wei Li, Guey-Yun Chang, Hung-Lin Chen, Shin-Fa Huang


Sequence-based schemes determine beacon sequence to help sensor node localization. Due to the ambiguity of RSS over distance, sequence-based scheme may have RSS-inconsistency problem, i.e., no location in the localization space could match the beacon sequence. Besides, determining the matched location is costly. In this paper, we introduce a RSS-inconsistency avoidance localization scheme, which takes linear-time. Our scheme is applicable to real sensors. Our localization error in real sensors is less than 0.34 x communication radius. According to the simulation results in NS-2, our scheme is more accurate and reliable than existing schemes.


Localization; Mobile Anchor; Range-Free; Wireless Sensor Networks


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