Bayesian-Network-Based Algorithm Selection with High Level Representation Feedback for Real-World Intelligent Systems

martin lukac, Michitaka Kameyama


A real-world intelligent system consists of three basic modules: environment recognition, prediction (or estimation), and behavior planning. To obtain high quality results in these modules, high speed processing and real time adaptability on a case by case basis are required. In the environment recognition module many different algorithms and algorithm networks exist with varying performance. Thus, a mechanism that selects the best possible algorithm is required. To solve this problem we are using an algorithm selection approach to the problem of natural image understanding. This selection mechanism is based on machine learning; a bottom-up algorithm selection from real-world image features and a top-down algorithm selection using information obtained from a high level symbolic world description and algorithm suitability. The algorithm selection method iterates for each input image until the high-level description cannot be improved anymore. In this paper we present a method of iterative composition of the high level description. This step by step approach allows us to select the best result for each region of the image by evaluating all the intermediary representations and finally keep only the best one.


Natural Image Processing; Algorithm Selection; High Level Representation; Adaptive Rewriting


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