Vol 3, No 2 (2015)

IT in Industry

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Contour-based Pedestrian Detection with Foreground Distribution Trend Filtering and Tracking PDF
Kiat Siong Ng, Min-Chun Hu, Yu-Jung Hsiao, Kuang-Yu Nien, Pei-Yin Chen 33-37
Blueprint for Cyber Security Zone Modeling PDF
Andrew Gontarczyk, Phil McMillan, Chris Pavlovski 38-45
Stability of Individuals in a Fingerprint System across Force Levels - An Introduction to the Stability Score Index PDF
Kevin O'Connor, Stephen Elliott, Mathias Sutton, Michael Dyrenfurth 46-53
Signature Forgery and the Forger - An Assessment of Influence on Handwritten Signature Production PDF
Alex Morton, William Reid, Colin Buntin, Michael Brockly, Joe O'Neill, Richard Guest 54-58
Bee Colony Algorithm for Proctors Assignment PDF
Nashat Mansour, Mohamad Kassem Taha 59-63

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