Vol 6, No 1 (2018)

IT in Industry

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Analysis of Webspaces of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft PDF
Matthias Dehmer, A. Dobrynin, Elena, V. Konstantinova, Andrei Yu. Vesnin, Olga A. Klimenko, Yuri I. Shokin, Elena V. Rychkova, Alexey N. Medvedev 1-6
Software of Time Series Forecasting based on Combinations of Fuzzy and Statistical Models PDF
T. Afanasieva, A. Sapunkov, A. Afanasiev 7-13
Semantic Video Segmentation with Using Ensemble of Particular Classifiers and a Deep Neural Network for Systems of Detecting Abnormal Situations PDF
O. Amosov, Y. Ivanov, S. Zhiganov 14-19
Hybrid Control Approach to Multi-AUV System in a Surveillance Mission PDF
Bychkov Igor, Davydov Artem, Nagul Nadezhda, Ul'yanov Sergey 20-26
Synthesis of the Decentralized Control System for Robot-Manipulator with Input Saturations PDF
Eugenie L. Eremin, Evgeniy A. Shelenok 27-32
A Method for Predicting Vehicles Motion Based on Road Scene Reconstruction and Neural Networks in Real Time PDF
D. Sc. Nina Krapukhina, Nikolay Kamenov 32-38

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