Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

IT in Industry

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Development Principles of Knowledge Database of Intelligent System for Estimation of Dynamical Interaction of Orbital Systems with Space Debris PDF
Paliukh Boris Vasilievich, Kemaykin Valery Konstantinovich, Kozlova Yuliya Gennadyevna 1-6
Optimization of Remote Core Locking Synchronization in Multithreaded Programs for Multicore Computer Systems PDF
Alexey Paznikov 7-12
Statistical and Intelligent Methods of Medical Data Processing PDF
G.R. Shakhmametova, N.I. Yusupova, V.V. Mironov, R.Kh. Zulkarneev 13-18
Ontology-Based Resource Interoperability in Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Alexander Smirnov, Tatiana Levashova, Alexey Kashevnik 19-24
Complex Measurement Systems in Medicine: from Synchronized Monotask Measuring Instruments to Cyber-Physical Systems PDF
Е.L. Wasserman, N.К. Кartashev, S.B. Roudnitsky, О.V. Zhvalevsky 25-30
Application of the Fuzzy Knowledge Base in the Construction of Expert Systems PDF
N.G.Yarushkina, A.A.Filippov, V.S.Moshkin, L.I.Filippova 31-36

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