Robust Group-Based Secret Sharing for Secure Cloud Key Management

A. Bentajer, Y. Said, Z. Igarramen, M. Hedabou


Cloud services are now ubiquitous in each organization. However, they are facing different challenges for using Key Management System (KMS) with those cloud solutions. Besides, they must deal with concerns specific to multi-cloud key management. In This paper, we present a schema based on robust secret share based on group of shares that fulfills the requirements of multi-cloud deployment. The system split the encryption keys into a blinded version of n shares that will be stored at cloud side and deals with a group of t+1 shares to compute the initial secret. To demonstrate the practicality of the proposed design, we implement a fully featured prototype and evaluate its performance. Results analysis shows that the proposed design is highly efficient and can serve as groundwork for using secret share to protect keys in a multicloud environment.


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