Load Balancing of Modern Distribution Networks by Genetic Algorithm

Wei-Tzer Huang, Kai-Chao Yao, Yu-Hsin Huang, Chih-Hui Lo, Chung-Ching Wu


The main purpose of this paper is to establish a multi-objective function for optimal load balancing in modern distribution networks. The proposed approach can reduce the three-phase voltage unbalance ratio and system power loss; furthermore, the system operation performance will be improved. The genetic algorithm and three-phase power flow algorithm are coded in Matlab. Finally, the IEEE 37-Bus test system is used as the sample system to verify the accuracy of the proposed approach. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed approach is systematic and efficient for solving the load balancing problem in active distribution networks.


load-balancing; genetic algorithm; three-phase power flow; voltage unbalance ratio; system power loss


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